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The Purdue Center for Research on Brain, Behavior, and NeuroRehabilition (CEREBBRAL) opens on Friday 11/11/16

CEREBBRAL is a center started within the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) as an Area of Research Excellence.  CEREBBRAL leverages strong collaborations between basic and applied scientists across units to answer big questions about how to improve quality of life, not just extend it, and how to predict disease- and aging-related declines in large highly variable populations. [Website]

The Purdue Life Science Imaging Facility opens on Friday 10/28/16

The 3T Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma scanner is dedicated to promote and meet the needs of life science research on Purdue campus. Obtained through an NIH S10 instrumentation grant, this scanner will be used amongst others for studies requiring long-term stability (e.g. longitudinal studies), studies benefitting from the existing high gradient system or the 64-channel head coil for ultra-fast and high-resolution imaging, or for studies benefitting from the synchronized physiological monitoring and triggering for fMRI. An MRI Physicist will be available to help with protocol development and optimization, and a part-time MR Technologist is available to help with professional data acquisition. [Website]

Modeling paper wins the 2016 R. Duncan Luce Outstanding Paper Award

A paper promoting the use of learning curves as a strong test for cognitive models of cognitive processes published in 2013 in the Journal of Mathematical Psychology was awarded the 2016 R. Duncan Luce Outstanding Paper Award by the Society for Mathematical Psychology. The paper is co-authored with Dr. Denis Cousineau (University of Ottawa), Dr. Guy Lacroix (Carleton University), Dr. Gyslain Giguere (Universite de Montreal), and Dr. Sebastien Helie (Purdue University). [Link to the paper]

Purdue opens a new integrative neuroscience center

Spanning 25 departments across six colleges, Purdue’s neuroscience enterprise includes around 100 faculty engaged in neuroscience-related research. This deep pool of human resources positions Purdue well in multiple target research areas within the broad field of neuroscience, and the Center will synergize these efforts for national and international impact. [Learn more]