Spring 2014

Schedule for the Mathematical and Computational Cognitive Science (MCCS) area colloquium

Department of Psychological Sciences, Purdue University

Time: Monday, 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Location: Stanley Coulter room 239

January 27th – Prof. Zygmunt Pizlo (PSYCH), Solving Large Problems With Small Working Memory [abstract]

February 3rd – Prof. Steven Bressler (PSYCH), Florida Atlantic University, Neurocognitive networks and task set [abstract]

February 10th – Prof. Leonid Rubchinsky (MATH), IUPUI, Fine temporal structure of neural synchronization: Parkinson's disease, addiction, etc. [abstract]

February 17th – Prof. Sylvain Chartier (PSYCH), University of Ottawa, (Associative) memories, pressed between the pages of my mind (EXCEPTIONALLY IN PRCE 277) [abstract]

February 24th – Prof. Acacio de Barros (Liberal Studies), San Francisco State University, Decision Making for Inconsistent Expert Judgments Using Signed Probabilities [abstract]

March 3rd – Prof. Zhongming Liu (BME), Integrated imaging of large-scale brain networks [abstract]

March 10th – Prof. Ehtibar Dzhafarov (PSYCH), Purdue University, A cautionary note on using quantum mechanical formalisms in cognitive science [abstract]

March 24th – Prof. Sebastien Helie (PSYCH), A neurocomputational model of automatic sequence production [abstract]

March 31st – Ru Zhang (PSYCH), Purdue University, A New Approach to Serial-Parallel Mental Architectures of Selectively Influenced Components [abstract]

April 7th – Prof. Harald Atmanspacher, Collegium Helveticum ETH Zurich / IGPP Freiburg, The Potential of Quantum Concepts for Models of Cognition [abstract]

April 14th – Prof. Peter Bruza (Science/Eng), Queensland University of Technology, Reflections on using quantum theory to model cognitive phenomena [abstract]

April 21st – Prof. Richard Schweickert (PSYCH), Remarks on Uniqueness of Structure of Multinomial Processing Trees Constructed by Selectively Influencing Vertices [abstract]

April 28th – Dr. Patrick Watson, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Scale-free reconstruction of relational memories by neural oscillations in a hippocampal model [abstract]